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MEC Budget Payment Plan

The Budget Payment Plan is offered to help customers budget electric service payments evenly over a 12-month billing cycle.  Knowing what your monthly electric bill will be makes it easier to budget effectively. The Plan is available to all residential service customers who have a current account balance (no past-due amounts outstanding) and who have had service at their current residence for the past 12 consecutive months.

Monthly payments under the Plan are calculated as follows:  The total number of kilowatt-hours used over the last 12 months is divided by 12 to obtain an average monthly kWh usage.  This figure is multiplied by the current kWh rate, to which is added the monthly customer service charge, plus taxes, to get an average monthly cost figure.  The customer is billed this set amount monthly for 11 months, beginning with the November billing cycle.

On the twelfth month (October), the bill will reflect any underpayment or credit relative to actual usage. Mohave Electric keeps track of actual kWh usage.  Customers who underpaid actual usage costs will be required to pay the total amount due to bring their account balance to zero in order to remain enrolled in the Plan. Any credit balance will be applied to a customer’s account.  You may discontinue participation in the Budget Payment Plan at any time.

Customers may remain on the Plan as long as the Cooperative receives monthly bill payments on or before the “Due Date” shown on the statement.  Late payment will be grounds for cancellation of a customer’s participation in the Budget Payment Plan.

Enrollment for the Budget Payment Plan is in October only.  Members will receive a reminder card with their September billing.  If you have questions regarding the Plan, call our Billing Department at (928) 763-4115.


Click here to view the Budget Payment Plan Application



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