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Mohave Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit distribution cooperative. Our rates cover the cost of doing business and are not marked up to generate a profit.

Under Arizona state law MEC, and other utilities, are regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) which has jurisdiction over rates charged.

Rates and tariffs are subject to change upon approval by the ACC.


Mohave Electric Cooperative Rates


Residential Service


Rate Title
R Residential Service
PRS Optional Prepaid Residential Service
RD Residential Demand Service
RTOU Residential Time of Use Service


Rate Title
PSCS-E Optional Prepaid Small
Commercial Service-Energy
SCS-E Small Commercial Service-Energy
SCS-D Small Commercial Service-Demand
SCS-TOU Small Commercial Service-Time of Use Service
IP Large Irrigation Pumping Service
ITOU Large Irrigation Pumping Time of Use Service
L Large Power Service
LTOU Large Power Time of Use Service


Rate Title
LS Lighting Service

Rates and Charges

E Estimation Methodologies
  Rates and Charges for Other Services

Renewable Energy and Net Metering

  Renewable Energy Standard Tariff
  Voluntary Renewable Energy Program Tariff
  Renewable Energy Self Directed Tariff
  Legacy Net Metering Service Tariff
  Distributed Generation Service (DGS) Tariff

Service Rules and Regulations

  Service Rules and Regulations






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