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Safety Matters

At Mohave Electric, we believe that in a culture of safety, information is a powerful tool, and electricity and safety should go hand in hand.

With the same commitment we ensure our employees are educated and practicing safety at all times, we strive to inform our members of all ages about electric safety in their homes, at work, at school, and at play.

Electricity is a convenience in our modern lives but many people take it for granted. As a part of Mohave Electric’s commitment to safety, we want to remind members of the importance of respecting electricity at home, at work, at school, and at play. Education, awareness and a basic knowledge of electrical safety practices can help keep your family and home safe from electrical hazard. It is the key to preventing unnecessary accidents and fires.

Regular maintenance and safety checks around your home like testing ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) outlets and smoke alarms, vacuuming coils and changing furnace or air conditioning filters should be done regularly.  These are easy things to do, but are crucial for the safety of you and your family.

Please take time to review the following information and remember, "Safety Matters."

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) is a non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to promoting electrical safety in the home, school, and workplace. Each May, ESFI sponsors National Electrical Safety Month to increase public awareness of the electrical hazards around us. click on the logo to visit their website for important information and tips on how to keep you and your family safe in the home, workplace and at play. 




Each May, in recognition of National Electric Safety Month, Mohave's Safety & Environmental Specialist visits hundreds of area students to discuss the importance of electric safety. Through hands-on demonstrations, students learn how to avoid common electrical accidents at home and at play.

In October, Mohave Electric participates in the Bullhead City Fire Department's Fire Prevention and Life Safety Fair providing educational material to children and adults alike. It’s never too early to begin teaching children about being safe around electricity. ESFI provides videos and interactive games to teach children about electricity and encourage electrical safety practices among children and their families to help develop life-long safe habits. Click here for more information on Children's Safety and links to websites for children to learn about being safe around electricity.




Safety Checklist

Important Safety Facts and Tips 

Look Up Look Down - Keep trees and plants away from power lines. Call 1-800-STAKE-IT before you dig. 

Downed power line


For more information, videos and safety information on how to be safe around electricity, visit:  SafeElectricity.Org . 

SafeElectricity.Org's Library of Articles includes:

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) & Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI):Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters help prevent burns, electric shocks and electrocution.Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters help prevent electric fires. Electricity can leak out of damaged or decaying wires and start a fire.Basically, GFCI’s prevent shocks, and AFCI’s prevent fires. 

CollegeSafety: Today’s college student uses many electronics for school, work and play. When used improperly, these helpful gadgets can become electric hazards. 

Driving Safety: In auto accidents involving power poles, it’s almost always safest to stay inside the vehicle. Call for help and wait for utility crews to  arrive, or you could become an additional victim in need of rescue. 

Equipment Tampering/Power Theft: It’s often an “invisible” crime. Someone illegally hooks into a power supply, hooks up a line that has been disconnected, or tampers with a meter to avoid recording electricity usage. Legitimate electricity consumers do not engage in these behaviors, so the impact of electricity theft – including the danger - is often unrecognized. 

Fire Prevention: Electricity usually makes life easier by powering kitchen appliances, gadgets, and electronics we use for entertainment. However, that same electricity contains the potential to destroy homes and take lives. Electric fires are more destructive than any other type of fire, and they are twice as deadly. 

First Responders: First responders must have the capacity to make good judgments, and that requires them to be aware of potential dangers they may encounter at the scene of an emergency situation. Police and fire fighters need to understand how to be safe when electrical hazards are present, for themselves and for the public. 

Flooding: Heavy rains often cause flooding in lowland areas, homes and basements. Everyone needs to be alert to electrical equipment that could be energized and in contact with water, along with other potential hazards that can create a serious danger of electrocution. 

Generator Safety: Generators come in handy during long-term power outages and in other situations. However, if you do not know how to use them properly, they can be dangerous. 

Home Safety: Electrical hazards can remain hidden until it’s too late to avoid disaster. Don’t let the small cost of prevention stand in the way of protecting your family and your property. 

Holiday Lighting Safety: Use only holiday lights that have been safety tested and have the UL label. Before decorating, check each light strand for broken sockets, frayed cords, or faulty plugs. 

Holiday Safety Gifts: Are there people on your holiday gift list that always seem to have everything? Instead of scratching your head and buying something at random, consider purchasing electrical safety products for your loved ones. You can surprise them with a gift that says “I care about you” all year long! 

Lightning Safety: With an estimated 25 million flashes of lightning each year in the US, a great potential exists for injuries and deaths.  Protect yourself and your family from lightning with a safe storm strategy. 

Power Outage:  Weather, accidents, and storms can disrupt the electricity we are so used to having. Sometimes electricity flickers momentarily then comes back. Serious damage to power lines and the electrical grid can cause outages for days, or weeks. 

Space Heater Safety: Space heaters can be a quick way to heat up a room. However, they can be as dangerous as they are convenient if used improperly. 

Storm Recovery & Power Lines: When ice and heavy snow bring down limbs and power lines, safety is a consideration indoors and out. 

Storm Safety: You never know when a storm may hit, creating potential electrical hazards for your family. The best solution is to be prepared ahead of time. 

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