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School Safety Program

The 40-minute show isn’t an ordinary lesson. Scott Davis uses magic to draw his audience into his message. After several alluring tricks, Davis uses a white board and black marker to draw a face resembling an electric outlet, then names the character “Sparky.”  The kids are fascinated and as they gaze at Sparky’s face, it comes alive. Its eyes suddenly move and its mouth talks. The children explode with roars and laughter.

Mohave Electric’s commitment to community extends to local 4th grade students every year as Davis, an entertainer and magician, captivates his young audiences while educating them on the importance of electrical safety. He educates children by demonstrating that electricity is a tool just like a hammer or saw. He explains how to be aware of electrical hazards as well as how to behave around them.

By the end of the show, the students are much wiser about the importance of electrical safety, but they will not soon forget the message because of the magical way it was presented.


Scott’s Safety tips for your children:

  • Every tool has a dangerous part that you don't touch.  Just like a hammer and saw, electricity can be dangerous and even deadly if it's not handled properly.
  • Never stick anything other than a plug into an electric outlet.
  • Electricity travels faster than we can think or mover.
  • Stay away from power lines.
  • Before putting water in the bathtub, unplug everything in the bathroom that uses electricity. 


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